Silver Salmon In Alaska

One of the great parts about fly fishing is its ability to connect us to special places on planet earth. Whether it is fishing for Tarpon in Key West or for Silver salmon on the HooDoo River in Alaska there is something special about the line on the water, a rising fish and the adrenaline rush of the take. One of those magical spots for fly fishing is in Alaska. There are few places like it anywhere in the world. To be there is to be immersed in wilderness. Perhaps no place connects you to the sense of humanity’s smallness more than Alaska.

It’s wide vistas, turbulent oceans and frigid waters make one aware immediately of the perils and majesty of being in the wild. Fly fishing for Sliver Salmon in Alaska is one of the more amazing opportunities available to the angler.  These powerful fish are smaller in size than their cousin the King, but the fight and speed of these fish more than makes up for what their larger cousins have in weight and size.

The HooDoo River

There are hundreds of rivers in which these powerful fish find their way back to the place of their birth. Each one with different and unique characteristics that make catching these fish unique and wonderful. Perhaps the most remote salmon river in Alaska is the HooDoo (Sapsuk).  Its pristine waters are almost hard to imagine as real.  An angler is almost overwhelmed with the beauty of the scenery more than they are the fishing – almost. What brings fishermen here to these waters is the chance for a take by one of these beautiful fish.  Seeing the line go tight on the swing is like no other fishing experience on the planet. The explosion and power of the silver, racing against the incredible currents of the HooDoo river make this one of the great angling experiences in the world. Take a look at this video that showcases the beauty of this amazing place!

The Basics Of Fishing For Silver Salmon

Fishing for Silver Salmon in Alaska takes some understanding of what techniques and equipment are required. Most fish the waters with a single hand 7-8wt. Rod and reel. The rivers require good distance on the cast so many prefer the spey rod to the traditional single-hand casting set up. Salmon are typically not on the hunt for food – they are singularly focused on reproduction. The fishing technique then is intended to imitate a smaller aggressive fish that prompt the larger fish into a defensive technique and chase. Most fly fishermen swing or strip-retrieve for the silvers, picking a run and fishing it most of the day hoping for a take. Alaska can be home to combat fishing – however NOT at HooDoo Lodge where anglers enjoy solitude being a place so remote they are the only angler on the 25 mile river.  Fly fishing for Silver Salmon in Alaska is easy and fun. Unlike fishing for Kings, fly fishing for Coho Salmon is perfect for beginners.   For those accustom to trout fishing, Silver Salmon fishing is about consistency and getting the fly in front of a moving fish.  With so many silvers in the river it is not uncommon to have days when you get tired of landing fish.

MoJoBella In Alaska

At MoJoBella, we love fly fishing for Silver Salmon in Alaska.  We guide in Alaska each season (annually) to take a shot at these amazing fish. Here are some great photos from our recent adventures on the HooDoo River at HooDoo Lodge during Silver Salmon Season.



We would love the chance to take you to Alaska and help you experience this once in a lifetime fly fishing adventure. Contact us today and lets get into the wilderness!