Beginner Resources

Fly Fishing Resources to help beginners along the path of life long fun and enjoyment.

New to Fly Fishing?

Visit Redding California (


USGS Real-Time Streamflow (California Map)

Lower Sac River Flow at Keswick

Upper Sac River Flow at Delta

Trinity River Map


McCloud River Map (Ash Camp to Ah Di Na)

Lower Sacramento River Map (Redding to Anderson)

Lower Sacramento River Map (Anderson to Red Bluff)

Shad Map (Red Bluff to Colusa)

Fish Food: Entomology 101

Fly Casting (click here to learn)

Fly Fishing Knots

(how to video) Improved Clinch/Double Surgeons/Perfection Loop/Double Surgeons Loop/Blood Knot

Double-Double Uni Knot (Backing to Running Line / Braid to Mono)  (how to video)

Non-Slip Mono Loop (how to video)

Still Water Fishing with an indicator

Fly Fisherman Food:


California Trout

Trout Unlimited

Casting for Recovery (

Fly Fishers International: Fly Casting Instructor Certification

Wounded Warrior Outdoors – Adventures Enabled


Creative Fly Tying (Mike Mercer)

Down by the River (A book about fishing, family and fun) Must have for parents and grandparents.


The Upper Sac is Birthplace to High Stick (short-line) Nymphing.  Check out the story (article) (podcast).

Boat Ramps:

Boat Ramp Locations