Upper Sacramento River

The Upper Sacramento River originates at Box Canyon Dam below Siskiyou Lake in Mount Shasta and flows south about 35 miles before it feeds into Shasta Lake.  This famed freestone stream is located just thirty miles north of Redding and is known for it’s breathtaking scenery and acrobatic, wild rainbow trout.    The “Upper Sac” is open year ‘round to catch and release fishing.  This is an incredibly healthy river with strong hatches during the spring and summer months. 

The river is made up of riffles, runs, pocket water, small holes, huge pools and undercuts, all of which provide anglers with opportunities to fish dry flies, a variety of nymphing techniques, or even streamers, all in a day’s fishing. Rainbow trout are the predominate fish in these waters, and most are healthy, wild, and native to the river system.  The Upper Sac is Birthplace to High Stick (short-line) Nymphing.  Check out the story (article or podcast).

Sometimes the Upper Sac gives up a brood stock gift.  This fish was caught swinging a leech and he measured 28″ length by 16″ girth (approx. 7+ lbs.) (see video below)

$600 Full Day  – 8 hrs. (1-2 people; includes flies, tackle & equipment)

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See my schedule  (Find an open date and book it)