Redding PD Special Offer

MoJoBella Fly Fishing® is excited to extend an ongoing offer to the Redding Police Department and staff.    A full-day guided fishing trip at a half-day price.  Schedule Now

A full-day guided drift boat trips tailored for 1-2 people in Redding, CA. The day begins at 8 am and ends at 5 pm., complete with all necessary gear and lunch provided. Our team of guides comprises patient instructors with a collective experience exceeding 80 years.

The Lower Sacramento River or Lower “Sac” as it is known by the locals has to be one of the most outstanding tail waters in the country.  Given its regulated flow and the moderate climate the lower Sacramento is fishable nearly every day of the year.   Our guiding efforts primarily focus on the stretch from Redding, California, extending south to Bend Bridge near Red Bluff, California.

With over 40 miles of productive trout water available year-round, discovering solitude on this river is easily attainable. Few trout fisheries in the lower 48 can rival the abundance and size of the wild trout found here. Our wild trout typically measure between 16-17 inches, and it’s not uncommon to encounter fish exceeding 20 inches on most days.

  • Instruction and Guidance
  • Rods, reels, lines and all terminal tackle, this includes flies, leaders, tippet, split shot, indicators and any other expendable amenities need for the day.
  • Lunch for 2 anglers, water / gatorade, snacks
  • Not included in your guided fishing package: fishing license (regular license and steelhead report card), waders, boots, and items of a personal nature (rain gear, sunscreen, gloves etc.).
  • Shuttle: typically anglers provide a shuttle to the take-out in the morning of the trip.  If a  shuttle service is desired it can be arranged in advance of the trip for an additional charge.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: This includes un-distilled fermented beverages such as beer, wine, and cider.
  • Gratuities: if you are inclined to tip your guide 20% is customary.

Our Guides: