Guide Date Full Day Klamath/Trinity

$500 per day (1-2 anglers per boat) • $550 per day (Package deal, including flies, tackle, & equipment)

To schedule a fishing date please call the guide desk at The Fly Shop® at 800-669-3474 during business hours (7:30a – 6pm) any day of the week, or email;;;  Make sure to ask for a fishing date with “CRO”

Drift Boat Trip

Full day guided drift boat trip(s) are designed for 1-2 people.  Your day on the water consists of 8 hours on the water (all gear and lunch included).  We guide drift boat trips on the Lower Sacramento River, Trinity River and Klamath River.  The boat has 2 heaters… so you won’t be cold.

Trinity River Steelhead


Your guide provides Rods, reels, lines and all terminal tackle, this includes flies, leaders, tippet and any other expendable amenities needed for the day.   *Want to use your own gear?  Please fill free to bring along with you for the trip.

Walk & Wade Trip

Walk & Wade trips are fishing charters designed for those who are looking for a more intimate time with the water in which they are fishing.  Learn how to read water and where to look for fish, the importance of flows, entomology, water access, and casting/fishing techniques. These fishing trips are perfect for beginner fly fishing!  These trips can range from physically light to moderate conditions.  From light walking to hiking in/out, a tremendous amount of energy will be spent throughout your day.  We ask that all guests seeking a walk & wade trip are physically able to walk a 3-10% grade on their own (mountain, hill, canyon and stream incline).  We will match fishing conditions to client’s abilities as much as possible.

Walk & Wade trips are designed for 1-2 people. A third person can be accommodated for an additional charge of $100.00. Your full day on the water consists of 8 hours fishing and travel, half days consist of 4-5 hours fishing and travel. On a typical day, we cover 1-3 miles of water (depending on river and the time of year).

Walk & Wade Includes:

  • Full day Walk & Wade trips include Lunches, fruit, and beverages. Our lunches are always deli fresh, picked up the morning of your day by your guide. Lunch is based on our guests’ dietary needs and any food allergies. Water is always available and is on hand.
  • Half day Walk & Wade trips do not include lunch. Clients will be provided with snacks, fruit and beverages.
  • Rods, reels, lines and all terminal tackle, this includes flies, leaders, tippet and any other expendable amenities need for the day.

What’s Not Included in My Guided Reservation

  • Alcoholic Beverages: This includes un-distilled fermented beverages such as beer, wine, and cider.
  • Rain Gear: This includes all waterproof breathable rain gear; Raincoats, rain hats, ponchos, parkas, rain pants, rain boots, gaiters, umbrella, trap, goggles and stretch wrap.
  • Articles of Clothing: This includes underwear, swimsuits, socks, rainwear, base layering, insulated overwear, windbreakers, fleece, gloves, buffs and any headwear of any kind.
  • Waders and Boots: This includes all wader and boot types; Waders include rubber, canvas, neoprene and breathable. Boots include stocking foot and boot foot.
  • Gratuities: if you are inclined to tip your guide 20% is customary.