Lower Sacramento River fun Trout Fishing & Smiles

The Lower Sacramento River between Redding and Red Bluff is California´s premier wild trout fishery.

Rainbow Trout Fishing in Northern California
First Fish on a fly rod for Noah!

It is one of the few destinations where anglers can expect to hook into 18+” fish on a regular basis.

Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing
Quality Rainbow Trout for Nichole & Pete

Clear, cold, consistent flows coming out of Lake Shasta provide excellent conditions for the aquatic insects that trout eat.  The Lower Sac between Redding the water below open to fishing year round.

Learn Fly Fishing in California
Ximena lands a nice fish.

We can teach you and get you hooked up with quality wild trout on the Lower Sac at any time of year!

Rainbow Trout from the Lower Sacramento River
Nice fish AL!


Rainbow Trout Fly fishing in California
a CHUNKy Rainbow… way to go Pete!
Retirement plan... rainbow trout fly fishing
Steve & Elisa… the reason MoJoBella exists 🙂 Our days on the water are always enjoyable.