Lower Sacramento River

The Lower Sacramento River or Lower “Sac” as it is known by the locals has to be one of the most outstanding tail waters in the country.  Given its regulated flow and the moderate climate the lower Sacramento is fishable nearly every day of the year.   The portion that the Northern California Guide concentrates on is from Redding down to Bend Bridge near Red bluff.



The things that make this river special are the salmon, in an effort to bolster salmon numbers the Department of fish and Game or DFG installed a Temperature Control Device (TCD) to extract colder water from the depths of Shasta Lake to send downstream.  This colder water makes the river more suitable to the salmon and their smolt.  This lengthens the growing season for the resident 100% wild Rainbow trout and made the aquatic insect life boom.

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There are over 40 miles of productive trout water to explore throughout the course of the year here so finding solitude on this river isn’t that difficult to achieve. There aren’t many trout fisheries in the lower 48 that boast the numbers and size of wild trout that this river does. Our wild trout average 16-17” while fish over 20” are common most days.   We fish with 10′ 6 wt. Echo Indicator rods.

$600 Full Day  – 8 hrs. (1-2 people; includes flies, tackle & equipment)

Schedule your date  (Find an open date and book it)