From mid-June through the end of September,  I guide in Alaska at Hoodoo Lodge.  This is a remarkable fishery and a definite place for your bucket list.  We fly fish for all 5 species of Salmon with both single and two-handed rods.

What makes this place special:

  • Immediate jet boat access to one of the most consistent king and silver salmon rivers in Alaska.
  • Comfortable, well-appointed lodge
  • Perfect  swing water – single or two-hand rods – Aggressive kings only a few miles from the salt.
  • Easy for Beginners; 50-70 foot casts cover modest-sized pools packed with fish
  • Fly-out fishing to other off-the-radar salmon rivers, untouched waters in breathtaking oceanfront landscapes, with incredible fishing.
  • Best surface popper fishing for silver salmon in the world.


To learn more about how you can join me up in Alaska please call or email me about your interest:

530-333-3484   /